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Statutory Requirements must be carefully adhered to for each state, and they vary greatly! It is critical to meet all statutory requirements to obtain and maintain a healthy agency.



There are many Regulations to be followed for each state, in addition to statutory requirements. Following statute alone will not keep you compliant. Be familiar with all regulations!



Be sure to know the rules and directives that apply for each state. These may not be statutory or regulatory, but rather business conduct rules, underwriting bulletins, directives, interpretations, and standard practices.



Set policies and processes for internal operations, document them, and do practice what you set into process and policy.


Aria Title Consultants, LLC began operations in August 2020 and provides specialty consulting services catering to the unique needs of national agencies, title insurers, title agency acquisition firms, and other industry-related professionals with the need for services and guidance on a national level. Following a furlough due to Covid-19, Adrienne Mann realized for the second time in her 30+ year title insurance career that there was again a strong need for an independent licensing and compliance consulting firm. Aria Title Consultants, LLC was formed to fill this very specific industry-wide void, and Aria Title Consultants, LLC provides niche consulting services by providing professional, first-hand expertise in this critical but often misunderstood area of the title insurance industry. Aria provides professional consulting services relating to state-by-state statutory and regulatory requirements, title insurance licensing and compliance, and business practices.

During Ms. Mann’s 30+ year career in the title industry, she has attained profound knowledge and first-hand experience relating to state-by-state title industry matters. Her focus has been on agency licensing and compliance, statutory and regulatory requirements, and related compliance, researching and compiling data on underwriting and business practices, and a multitude of subjects concerning the title insurance industry. Adrienne gained this much sought-after knowledge and these highly specialized skills by holding various roles at three of the major national title insurance underwriters, through interaction with national agencies, and serving the industry as a title insurance consultant in her first consulting firm. Before founding Aria Title Consultants, Adrienne increased the scope of her insight and experience by serving as VP of Licensing, Regulatory, and Compliance for a national commercial title insurance agency.

Aria Title Consultants, LLC regularly performs title agency due-diligence assessments for its clients and serves as a leading industry resource for national agency administration, licensing, compliance, state-by-state statutory and regulatory requirements, and business practices. Aria Title Consultants, LLC conducts very detailed analyses for its clients covering a multitude of regulatory matters and partners with them in the most efficient and productive way by tailoring specific plans for every client. From working together with internal client staff to taking over functions that are better outsourced, Aria Title Consultants, LLC can address your licensing and compliance needs. Whether you have a short-term need or require long-term solutions, working with Aria Title Consultants will allow you to focus on your business – which is providing title insurance and settlement services.



Managing Attorney


Adrienne Mann is hands down the best in the business when it comes to national title insurance licensing compliance.Adrienne’s level of detail and depth of knowledge is why she is highly sought after in the industry.I make it a requirement that my clients hire her first before they acquire any title agency and recommend to every multi-state title agency that they hire her to make sure they are in compliance with state by state licensing requirements.I tell everyone that hiring Adrienne and Aria Title Consultants on the front end will save you a lot of money because it is a lot more expensive to hire me to defend you downstream for something she could have identified in the first ten minutes of talking to her!


General Counsel


Adrienne Mann has been an invaluable asset to our company. Her breadth of knowledge, organizational skill, and attention to detail has helped Spruce significantly improve its compliance function during the time she has worked with us. We are delighted to continue working with her.




In the world of title insurance compliance, there is nobody better than Adrienne. Her depth of knowledge, incredible attention to detail, and pitbull perseverance that won’t let her quit until the job has been finished is what sets her apart from everyone else. She is simply the best.




Adrienne took on a tough project for us at the start of the 2020 holiday season. Despite tight timelines and repeated deadline changes, she stayed on top of all deliverables and helped us address a number of material compliance questions and concerns. Her attitude, work product, and dedication to the project were commendable. We look forward to continuing to work with Adrienne in the future! 


President & CEO


Adrienne and her company, Aria Title Consultants, helped me and my company obtain a license in our first adventure outside of our state of incorporation. She made sure we knew the landscape and understood the processes and procedures to be fully compliant. She was exceptionally patient and helpful in guiding us through the maze of statutory requirements. Adrienne was also a strong advocate for us and was available at all times. She maintained a positive perspective throughout and kept us focused and committed. I enthusiastically recommend Adrienne and Aria. 


Whether a client is seeking one service or many, let Aria Title Consultants, LLC build a program to suit your specific needs.
Some key areas of due diligence, licensing, compliance, and agency administration set forth below:


Title Agency Acquisition Due Diligence Reviews


Title Agency Compliance Remediation


Title Agency and Individual Agent Initial Licensing


Title Agency and individual Agent Compliance Management


Title Agency Compliance Assessments


Title Agency License Expansion Projects


Title Agency and Individual Agent License Maintenance


State-by-state Statutory and Regulatory Compliance and Business Practices


Still have questions? We are there when you need us.
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1My agency holds licenses in 22 states, and we are having problems keeping up with what each states requires us to do to maintain our licenses and file reports. Can Aria Title Consultants help?

Yes, Aria has state-by-state knowledge and expertise in all areas of agency licensing and compliance requirements. We can help you in several ways. Please contact us for a consultation on how we can assist you in keeping your agency compliant.

2I am a national agency, and I have one underwriting relationship. I need help to obtain a second underwriter. Can Aria help me find another underwriter and assist in handling the application and documents?

Yes, Aria does have relationships with many national and regional underwriters, and it is extremely familiar with applications and supporting documentation requests. It can help you find an underwriter and assist in filling out the required paperwork and supporting documentation requests. 

3I am the President of a national title insurance agency, and we have some turnover last year, including our licensing administrative assistant. I am concerned that some items might have slipped through the cracks. Can you take a look at my operations to ensure that we have all of the right licenses and that we have filed all of the necessary statutory reports for our licensed states?

Yes, Aria can provide an assessment of your current licensed states and validate whether you have the proper licensing in place. It can also review your files to make sure that you have filed any required information to each state where requirements exist. A specially-developed program for your agency can be implemented. Give us a call to discuss particulars.

4We are thinking about buying a title agency that is licensed and operating in several states. Before we go through with a purchase, we would like for an independent review to be made of the agency's licensing and compliance. Can Aria do this for us?

Yes, Aria specializes in pre-acquisition licensing and compliance reviews. It not only identifies potential issues, but it can help the agency or the buyer remediate any deficiencies found during the due-diligence assessment. A specific plan can be drawn up for your particular needs.

5I own a national agency, and I don't have any staff to help create state-by-guides or state-by-state practices. Can you help us research and organize the data?

Yes, Aria has vast experience in researching a wide-variety of state-by-state statutory, regulatory, and business practice research. Aria staff has researched and prepared numerous spreadsheets and reports that are utilized throughout the industry.

6I have no resources at my agency to handle licensing and compliance matters on a full-time basis. Is this something that Aria can do for us ?

Yes. Aria can take over your licensing and compliance and provides these services regularly. Aria staff can apply for new licenses, renew existing licenses, alert you to Continuing Education requirements, help with underwriter approvals and appointments, file reports with regulators, handle affiliations, and a variety of related matters for you.



Adrienne Mann

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

For the past 30+ years, Adrienne Mann has been dedicated to the title insurance industry and wore many hats before carving out her niche expertise in the world of national agency licensing and compliance – something that came into existence just prior to the turn of the millennium.
As a nationally acclaimed resource in her field, Adrienne is regularly sought out by companies and leading legal counsel to assist them with the state-by-state licensing and regulatory compliance requirements for the title insurance industry.
In 2020, Adrienne recognized for the second time in her career that there was a strong need for an independent resource to serve the title industry, so she founded a boutique title consulting firm ARIA to share her knowledge and expertise and to provide services covering licensing and related regulatory compliance for insurance companies, national agencies, law firms, investment companies, and individual title insurance producers.
Drawing on extensive industry knowledge and practice, as well as the relationships she fostered with national industry colleagues, Adrienne provides exemplary guidance and service, with the utmost attention to detail.
Adrienne is the constant in an ever-changing regulatory environment. She is recognized in her field by her peers and her customers. No job is too big or too small. She loves a challenge and is eager to connect.

Francesca Morisano

Vice President, Licensing and Compliance

Francesca joined Aria after working for over a decade in the travel industry. She is experienced in business management and client/partner relations, driving profitability and market shares for America’s largest privately held, American-owned tour operator. Francesca has a knack for the complex structure of national agency licensing and compliance matters. She has successfully handled pre-acquisition due diligence reviews under the direct tutelage and guidance of Adrienne Mann since joining Aria in December 2020. Trilingual and world traveler, Francesca earned her master’s degree in international relations and reinvented herself after moving to the United States from Italy. Francesca is a go-getter with a positive attitude, and she has the ability to handle multiple projects with competing deadlines without losing sight of the bigger picture. Francesca now resides in Connecticut with her husband and son.
Fun fact: she is a yoga instructor and passionate about plant-based cuisine.
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Alex Morisano

Vice President of Finance and Administration

As the Vice President of Finance and Administration at Aria, Alex Morisano plays a significant role in providing thoughtful financial stewardship, ensuring bona fide use of the company resources, and advising senior executives on critical financial decisions.
Before joining Aria, Alex had dedicated over 20 years in the healthcare industry as an emergency medical care executive. In this role, Alex worked in diverse aspects of emergency healthcare, including management, human resources, compliance, customer service, marketing, and finance.
At Aria, Alex has distinguished himself as a practiced leader and efficient problem solver. He is proficient in installing relevant organizational structures to improve efficiency, streamlining workflow, and fostering cooperation among teams to enhance performance. Most importantly, he excels at balancing strategic decisions with financial policies and strategies that offer a solid foundation for the company’s present and future operations. With extensive prior experience in financial management, proven financial discipline, and strong analytical ability, Alex understands business beyond the name and numbers and is a valued asset to our team. Alex holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Law from the University of Connecticut. Currently, he is completing a Master’s degree in Business Administration.
Billy Carlisle

Billy Carlisle

Senior Analyst

As an accomplished and seasoned professional, Billy Carlisle joins Aria with more than 15+ years of experience as an analyst in the title insurance industry, and brings with him a clear commitment to communication, teamwork, and customer service excellence.
As an award-winning senior analyst, Billy has an analytical approach with a keen attention to detail as well as the highest integrity and pride in producing a cohesive and visually stunning work product.  Over the years, he has worked for several well-known national underwriters where he leveraged his expertise and experience in order to develop complex pro forma financial models for agency ventures, design advanced rate engines and auditing tools for rates compliance analysis, and support multi-level stakeholders by providing expert guidance and strategies for data integrity, consistency, and coherence.
Billy has a robust background in coordinating licensing and regulatory agency compliance projects, as well as experience managing multi-year projects for underwriting rates and forms development and configuration.  He is focused on streamlining project workflows and creating efficient strategies for simple solutions that are done right!  Billy holds a Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Phoenix.  He is currently working on completing his Project Management certification through Cornell University.

Lauren Schuebert

Compliance Analyst

As a rising talent, Lauren demonstrates an exceptional focus with Aria’s licensing and compliance client services. Under the direct guidance, supervision, and mentorship of Adrienne Mann and Francesca Morisano, Lauren successfully manages multi-state licensing for existing clients, expansion projects, and due diligence reviews for new clients. She is outgoing and friendly with a personality that makes you smile.
Lauren switched careers to the Title Insurance industry from Nursing, after working for more than 6 years as an emergency and pre-operative registered nurse. Leveraging her intensive training and “can do” know-how, Lauren remains a dedicated professional with great interpersonal skills who thrives in high pressure and fast paced environments. Her dedication to superb service and an inherent ability to adapt quickly allows Lauren to keep up with the diverse and dynamic needs of Aria’s clients. She is a team player and is always ready to jump in wherever needed.
After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University, Lauren went on to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing at Palm Beach State College. Lauren loves to do anything outdoors and likes to think of herself as a perpetual student of life.

Lori Gardner

Senior Analyst

Lori joined Aria with more than 18+ years of experience as an analyst in the title insurance industry. She has previous multi-line experience as a business analyst and licensed claims adjustor before her transition to title insurance. Lori consistently conveys her focus on integrity, accuracy, timeliness, and dependability.
From her prior roles coordinating, directing, and administrating licensing and compliance teams, Lori brings an extensive experience working with the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) through its SERFF filing platform (The System for Electronic Rates and Forms Filing). She is able to expertly assist and guide Aria’s clients by leveraging her expertise and knowledge of all aspects of licensing and compliance — applications and renewals for national and multi-state agents and agencies, appointments and terminations for underwriter clients, and the research and review of agency and individual agent title licensing and escrow licensing statutory requirements within all U.S. state jurisdictions, including the District of Columbia.
In addition to her extensive licensing and compliance experience with agencies and individual agents, Lori has assisted underwriter clients with rates review, drafting of new and revised rate manuals, and submission of certificate of authority applications for more than 30 state jurisdictions. In her free time, she volunteers with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as a mental health advocate.  Lori loves experiencing live music and “spirited” drives in her MINI — she’s a member of the Middle Tennessee MINIs Club — and she is certified for advanced open water Scuba diving.  Lori holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida.  As an alum, Lori loves all things “Florida Gators” and is a member of Nashville’s Music City Gators Club, an affiliate organization of the UF Alumni Association.
Chris - Aria Title Consultants

Chris Capezzera

Title Insurance Professional

Chris is a seasoned title insurance professional with over 25 years of experience in the industry, having joined Aria after a diverse and extensive career. Like many in his field, Chris’s journey into title insurance was influenced by family; his father introduced him to the profession. His career began with hands-on tasks such as searching for title records in county clerk’s offices before digital databases became the norm.
Throughout his career, Chris has contributed to several national title agencies, where he has honed his skills and gained expertise in various business and compliance issues. He has been licensed to operate in 35 states, including notable ones like Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. His experience spans all facets of title agency operations, from searching and preparing title commitments to closing transactions, issuing policies, and managing premium remittances.
Moreover, Chris’s proficiency extends to compliance, having directly handled compliance events across nearly every state. His accomplishments include preparing data calls in Florida, New York, Texas, and Washington, as well as compiling and submitting financial statements in Arizona and California. He has also played significant roles in facilitating audits by underwriters and the Department of Insurance, with Texas being a notable example.
In addition to his professional achievements, Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of North Florida. Outside of his career, he has a passion for sports—being an avid fan of the Florida Gators and Jacksonville Jaguars—reading, and traveling.
Fred Pender

Fred Pender

General Counsel

Fred joined Aria in 2023 with over 10 years of experience in title insurance. His diverse background in the industry combines leadership in title production, business operations, compliance, underwriting, and general legal matters. Always fastidious and composed, Fred can handle complex problems while leaving little doubt it was solved accurately and completely. As general counsel, Fred provides significant value to Aria and its business partners, clients, and employees in the areas of contracts, business law, regulatory compliance, and title rate filings.
He is an avid, life-long fan of baseball (actual and fantasy). and continually trains for a marathon he will probably never run. He lives in Minnesota with his girlfriend and their two dogs. Fred earned his B.A. in history from Luther College, his J.D. from Mitchell Hamline School of Law, and is admitted to practice law in Minnesota.
Ranjani Basavanahally

Ranjani Basavanahally

Senior Forms and Rates Analyst

Ranjani brings about 20 years of title industry experience to ARIA. Most of her years in the industry focused on various areas of National agency administration and support, Application and Contract Reviews, licensing and compliance, rates and forms management, and other Agency operations. She is known for excellence in customer service and commitment.
As ARIA’s Senior Forms and Rates Analyst, she works with the forms team – perFORMs handling various projects for ARIA’s client base, including research, policy forms review, creation, and filing. She is quick to adapt to change and assists with other roles whenever needed.
With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (BFA) from The College of Fine Arts, Bangalore, India, Ranjani is a passionate artist. In her early career, she worked as a graphics and visual designer before transitioning into title insurance. She is also pursuing her passion for the arts currently as the design director of her very own small business, Mug Life Studios. She actively participates in her community social events and is passionate about Music.
Daphne Davidson

Daphne Davidson

Senior Forms and Rates Analyst

Daphne Davidson brings extensive experience and a willingness to learn from the best in the title industry to the Aria Title Consultants team. With seven years in the title industry, Daphne has a solid background in licensing and compliance.
During her five years working with underwriters in the contract administration department, Daphne played a crucial role in everyday licensing and compliance workflows. She assisted in developing a database structure for storing data on agencies and individuals’ licenses, managed the UW appointment process for agencies and individuals, and maintained a database to keep everyone updated on compliance and licensing. Daphne also trained underwriter personnel on appointment processes and state compliance requirements.
Daphne began her career in administrative and office management. She gained experience in accounts receivable, HR timecard submissions, and compliance management, ensuring compliance for auditors and regulators.
Before her roles in the title industry, Daphne gained valuable customer service, critical thinking, and marketing skills through various service industry positions, including barista, server, bartender, and store associate. She excels at keeping calm under pressure.
Daphne volunteers at local animal shelters in her free time and enjoys playing board games and occasional platform video games.

Joe Ciringione

Data Analyst

Joe is a passionate and meticulous data analyst who recently graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. With a robust foundation in marketing principles and a keen analytical mindset, Joe is poised to make a significant impact in his role.
Joe’s education has equipped him with a unique blend of marketing insights and data analysis skills, allowing him to understand and leverage data to drive strategic decisions. He is particularly excited to delve into the title industry and eager to learn and contribute to its various facets.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Joe is a dedicated sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing basketball and spending time outdoors, embracing an active and well-rounded lifestyle.
Sean Pampin

Sean Pampin

Data Analyst

Sean is a dedicated and driven data analyst with a robust foundation in business and finance. As a recent graduate of Salve Regina University, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance. During his time at Salve Regina, Sean distinguished himself not only academically but also as a student-athlete on the collegiate football team. This experience honed his teamwork and leadership skills, both on and off the field, and taught him the art of balancing rigorous academic pursuits with a lifelong passion for athletics.
Currently, Sean is advancing his education at Salve Regina University, where he is pursuing an MBA. This program allows him to deepen his expertise in business strategy and analytics, preparing him to tackle complex business challenges with data-driven solutions. His comprehensive understanding of data analysis, coupled with his business acumen and financial insight, positions him as a versatile and valuable asset to the Aria team.
Beyond his professional and academic endeavors, Sean enjoys an active lifestyle. He spends his free time golfing, hiking, and watching sports. A loyal fan of the New York Mets and the New York Jets, Sean relishes the opportunity to attend games whenever he can, further fueling his enthusiasm for sports.
Sean’s blend of analytical prowess, business knowledge, and athletic discipline makes him a standout addition to any team. His commitment to continuous learning and personal growth ensures that he is always ready to meet new challenges and contribute meaningfully to his professional community.

Partner Organizations

National Independent Agency Solutions, LLC was formed in 2021 with the idea that it would provide production solutions, consulting services, commercial networking services, software solutions, to local, regional, and National title agents independently. In addition, we want to bring services that provide value and opportunity to make additional revenue for the agents such is the case with our relationship with a company that provides identity theft and title monitoring.

The team of NIAS consists of Cheryl Klein, Owner/Co-Founder, Tom Klein, Consultant/Advisor, Steve Francis, Commercial Relationship Manager. Our team has been formed to provide solutions to agents in the industry and create opportunities for them to grow. We have worked together in the title industry and have owned our own title companies, so we know what challenges the agents face on a day-to-day basis and have helped to produce solutions for businesses.

We at NIAS are looking forward to building relationships and supporting agents in the title industry. We are grateful to be in this industry and look forward to the continued support of agents who need our services.



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